368: Make Your Own Baby Formula


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The U.S. is experiencing a nationwide baby formula shortage. What to do at such a time? When breastfeeding isn't possible, a homemade baby formula is a wonderful alternative.

Sally Fallon Morell and Mary Enig co-authored Nourishing Traditions and they also developed a recipe for homemade baby formula decades ago, which has helped innumerable babies thrive.

Today, Sally explains how they came up with this alternative and why it is preferable to commercial formulas that often contain seed oils, corn syrup, and other questionable ingredients. Sally goes over the ingredients needed to make this homemade version, explaining how each ingredient benefits the baby. She even offers alternative ingredients for babies with allergies or sensitivities.

Visit Sally's blog: nourishingtraditions.com.

Join Nourishing Our Children.

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Go to radiantlifecatalog.com for formula ingredients.

Buy "Nourishing Traditions" from New Trends Publishing.

Check out the WAPF homemade baby formula resource page.

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