369: Is It About Public Health Or Power And Control?


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Worldwide restrictions (like lockdowns and mask mandates) are not supported by science, proving their efficacy. And the objective does not appear to be to restore the public health, anyway, but rather to gain power and control over the population, at large. Leslie Manookian, the President and Founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, offers insights about what's going on related to the "pandemic."

Leslie's group was the one behind the case in Florida that overturned mask mandates on public transportation. She explains how they won that case and what she expects down the line. She offers historical context on the infringement of freedoms in the U.S. in particular. She goes over the science (and the lack, thereof) supporting masks and other precautionary measures. And she explains what the recently released Pfizer documents reveal about what this vaccine company knew and knowingly hid from the public. In sum, Leslie offers a compelling case for questioning the mainstream narrative on what's going on, and what to do to protect our freedoms and autonomy in the future.

Visit Leslie's website: healthfreedomdefense.org

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