362: Mental Health: Shadow Work


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Shadow work is the process of exploring the hidden side of yourself. In the work, you learn to let go of facades and ways of relating that are disempowering. Today, Dr. Kelly Brogan invites us to lean into the challenges and enjoy the freedom and growth that can result from increased self-awareness.

Kelly is a holistic psychiatrist, the author of A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self, and the founder of the online healing program Vital Mind Reset. She points out that shadow work helps us break old patterns and to discover what it feels like to really live--feeling our feelings, facing fear, and exploring parts of ourselves that we have either ignored or resisted.

She suggests that we begin with curiosity about ourselves, rather than self-judgment or condemnation. She reminds us that at times we may feel like we're actually dying as we sit with uncomfortable feelings. She describes the process as a spiral path of learning, where we revisit lessons throughout our lives. Finally, Kelly reminds us that this work can result in a life characterized by greater joy and overflowing vitality.

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