364: Your Life Is Your Medicine


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If your life was given to you in a line up, would you pay for it? Would you buy it, exactly as you're living it? If not, it may be time to explore what has to change. Dr. Cassie Huckaby is a Naturopathic Physician and founder of Grit Natural Medicine. Today, Cassie invites us to explore how our very lives are our medicine--for our good or to our detriment. And to begin to recognize our own intrinsic power to heal.

Cassie lifts up the power of the human spirit to bring about changes. She explains how our belief system affects our health, and how what is called the “placebo” effect can be used to our benefit for healing. She reminds us that our bodies are on our side---not trying to sabotage us. And that illness or injury may be one way that they communicate to us. Cassie also speaks to us from her own experience of healing and what she has witnessed with her patients. She calls us to get curious and courageous to explore our full healing potential.

Visit Cassie's website: gritnaturalmedicine.com

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