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Episode 088 / In this podcast we chat with dark urban fantasy author H.B. Lyne, who also writes nonfiction for authors as Holly Lyne, including Goal Setting for Writers. Additionally, she co-hosts the Unstoppable Authors podcast.

Intro links:

Behind the Book podcast interview with Jami Albright

Historical Mystery Day - Sept 29th

Question of the week: How far in the future do you plan for your writing business?

Show notes:

  • The importance of getting feedback
  • When not to set goals
  • First steps for authors getting started with goal setting
  • Tips for authors who have a hard time envisioning long-term goals
  • Tools for goal setting, including bullet journaling
  • Holly’s advice for writers who want to podcast
  • How Holly, who is a #1 Furistic in the CliftonStrengths assessment, deals with the uncertainty associated with the pandemic

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H.B. Lyne


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