Theodora Taylor: Universal Fantasy and How to Make Readers Love Your Stories


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Episode 097 / Romance author Theodora Taylor, author of 7 Figure Fiction: How to Use Universal Fantasy to Sell Your Books to Anyone, joins us this week. She shares her top tips for new authors and she breaks down the universal fantasies of four movies: Beauty and The Beast, Knives Out, Notting Hill, and Crazy Rich Asians.

Show notes:

  • Why your writing career is progressive and it’s important to not let perfectionism stop you in the early stages
  • Theodora’s top tips for new writers: writing in a series and setting up your backlist to work like an annuity
  • Why writing a single book is not the usual path to success
  • How genre-hopping can diversity your writing portfolio
  • Theodora’s list of universal fantasies in Beauty and The Beast, Knives Out, Notting Hill, and Crazy Rich Asians

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