S2E1: Witch, Please and the Curse of Live Theatre


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Welcome back, witches! We sure have missed you, and we’re excited to get started on Season 2 (new numbering system TBA). The focus of this season will be the Harry Potter fandom, and Hannah kicked things off by attending Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London with HP megafan, author, and journalist Anna James. Join us for a conversation about the liveness of theatre, three-piece suits, and harpsichords!

After Marcelle and Hannah are done catching up, this episode gets pretty danged spoilery, so here’s a little chapter guide if you want to avoid them:

  • 10:47: first spoiler alert (no spoilers before this)
  • 22:03: convo with Anna James starts (so many spoilers in this)
  • 1:14:15: new segments and goodbyes (spoiler free again!)

Do listen to the end, because we introduce some new segments and their accompanying hashtags. Oh yes, and if you want to take Hannah and Anna’s advice and reproduce your own Cursed Child experience, here’s a completely illicit link to some of the tunes.

Speaking of illicit tunes, thanks to http://www.bensound.com/ for the inspirational music, and to the Internet for easily letting us find a three second Hamilton clip FAIR USE WE ARE SCHOLARS.

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