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As a professional music industry veteran of 12 plus years, I began a career in the industry as an unpaid intern at a recording studio. My journey began after graduating from recording school at the age of 20 and being blessed to land an internship at a professional recording studio in Burbank, California called "The Boom Boom Room". From there I started learning and gaining knowledge through trial and tribulation as well as building relationships on the way. From an internship position to in house engineer it was time to keep progressing and exploring other avenues in the professional music industry. During this time after working with so many talented producers, song writers and artist from the conceptual stages of records to the final product, my life forever changed! I discovered my love & passion for how records are created from start to finish from conception to delivery out into the world! From working with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Frank Ocean, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, The Dream, Rihanna, & Future just to name a few. I kept expanding my knowledge by working at various major record labels, management and publishing companies my knowledge kept building. Working my way up to A&R positions under some of the most talented & gifted executives/producers and working on movie scores such as "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess to coordinating the soundtrack for the hit movie "Think Like A Man". First hand knowledge & experience is the number one thing missing these days..and on this podcast I am having discussions with individuals that have been in these positions & are currently pursing their passion and or reinventing themselves while going through the ups & downs on the way. Take an in depth look at what motivates these passionate creators to keep pushing through all the adversity and where their journey is currently at. Subscribe & share on iTunes and SoundCloud! Follow the journey! https://apple.co/2BfxRvt https://www.instagram.com/withallmyheartpodcast/

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