Woman Awake Episode 094 Freedom Is A Frequency And It's Not For Everyone


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claireowellness · Woman Awake - Episode 093 Tapping Your Way Out Of Trauma Listen to Episode 094: Freedom is a frequency and Freedom is not for all - and that is more than ok. Do you believe that freedom is a state of being? A vibrational experience first before it shows up in your outer reality? An embodied feeling state that first begins within our inner landscape? Freedom and liberation for most of us requires healing - a return to our wholeness - but stripping away the many trappings we carry. From the stories of our past, our belief systems that do not serve us, the wounds from our childhood and now the narrative of control from institutions, governments. A world full of restrictions. Freedom is a practice - a daily practice - one where we must slowly and carefully tend to our heart and soul by pulling away the cobwebs of stories, beliefs, patterns, ideas and narratives that constrict our sense and embodiment of liberations. A powerful step is to notice where you are TRAPPED. Within your own thoughts, in your past, in the collective narrative, in institutions, controlled by others suggestions, people pleasing, what’s the right way to dress as a mama, what to watch on Netflix, where to go. Which product is the best to by, the best way to behave... there are SO many areas where we can live in a state of restriction and contraction. Identify the areas where you feel the most trapped and notice the origin of those trappings. Most certainly it's something in the external world, a story from your past, a belief system you are carrying or a fear of a future event. Show notes: The Liberty - Early Bird closes Sunday 17th October https://claireobeid.com/the-liberty/ Early bird + BONUSES - $444 (payment plan available) + 6 Week Journey + 4 Live Sessions - begins from October 23rd + Journalling Pre-Work Pdf - doors open now to receive this workbook. + The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom Bonus Masterclass - access within 24hours of signing up. + 1 x 45 minute private healing session with Claire Subscribe: Itunes | Soundcloud Beautiful one, thank you for being here and listening. It would mean the world to me if you would hit subscribe and stay connected to One Woke Mama – join me on this journey of awakening. Your feedback, comments, reviews and shares would always be gratefully received but also help us to reach more mamas who need support as they navigate the choppy waters of motherhood and all it asks of us. Love + light, Claire

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