Dame Elizabeth Anionwu; Jennifer Saunders; Former Afghan women's minister; Pretty privilege; Choosing to be child free


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Britain’s first sickle cell and thalassemia nurse specialist, Prof Dame Elizabeth Anionwu revolutionised treatment of the disease. She then established the Mary Seacole Centre for Nursing Practice, to address racial inequalities in the profession. She discusses her early life in a children's home, her hugely successful career, and being honour by the singer Dua Lipa. Her memoir is called ‘Dreams From My Mother.' The Taliban announced that all women must wear the hijab and will be segregated in universities. We hear from Afghanistan's former Minister for Women's Affairs, Hasina Safi, who is now in the UK having escaped under cover in the final days of the evacuation. Two listeners Rowan and Destiny, explain, why for the sake of the planet, they are saying no to having children now. Pretty Privilege - what is it and should it be used? The model Marike Wessels, and Caterina Gentili from the Centre for Appearance Research discuss. Comedian, actor, writer, Jennifer Saunders talks facial hair, menopause, and playing the medium Madame Arcati in a threatre production of Noel Coward’s comedy Blithe Spirit. Presenter: Anita Rani Producer: Dianne McGregor

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