BAME Eating Disorders, Leaving Care, Cyberstalking


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According to NHS Digital more people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are being admitted to hospital because of eating disorders. Experts say problems should have been picked up much earlier, rather than getting to the point of going to hospital. We speak to a mother whose daughter has just started treatment and Professor Sandeep Ranote, who's a psychiatrist and expert on eating disorders. Most young people leave home gradually over a number of years, but for teenagers who've grown up in care it can be very different. They've often started to live independently by the age of 18 or even before that, and they' are vulnerable to homelessness, unemployment, criminality, poor mental-health, and having children early on. We hear from Ashlee and Emma who've been in care and are now supported by the charity Break. We also hear from Mark Riddell MBE, who's National Implementation Advisor for Care Leavers. What do young care leavers need to help them move into adulthood and what things work for them? Stalking via the internet has escalated during lockdown. We hear from Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, who's been a victim of stalking herself. She talks about what it's been like for her and how perpetrators have found new ways to get to their victims online. We also hear from Suky Bhaker who heads the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. The charity runs the National Stalking Helpline. Does making bread help you switch off, especially when life is hard? Pauline Beaumont thinks so. She's a passionate baker, as well as a mother of six and a counsellor. She joins us to describe the calmness that baking brings to her and what it can teach us when life goes wrong.

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