Managing Money, Domestic Violence and Housing, Bad Bridgets


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Women trying to escape domestic violence can spend months on end in a refuge or in unsuitable temporary accommodation due to lack of suitable housing. The Local Government Ombudsman has just published a highly critical report about how the London Borough of Wandsworth spectacularly failed one victim of domestic abuse. We hear from ombudsman investigator Cameron Black, women in this situation. And we ask Lucy Hadley from Women’s Aid whether the forthcoming Domestic Abuse Bill will resolve some of these problems. Throughout the 19th century, tens of thousands of Irish women left to make their fortunes in the US. But what happened to these women once they reached the Land of Opportunity? Dr Elaine Farrell of Queen's University Belfast and Dr Leanne McCormick of Ulster University have pieced together their stories. They talk to Anita Rani about drunkenness, sexual deviancy and the lives of crime led by those they call 'Bad Bridgets'. How have young women's finances been over the past 12 months? The lockdowns have put serious financial pressure on lots of people, but others have been able to curb their spending habits as shopping and eating out became impossible. What are the tools young women need to look after themselves? Iona Bain is the founder of Young Money Blog and the author of Own It, and Selina Flavius is the author of Black Girl Finance: Let's Talk Money. Archaeologist turned computer scientist, Iris Kramer, has created an AI tool that can sweep for sites of historical interest that are hidden to the human eye. The entrepreneurial PhD student has secured many grants to found her company Arch-AI. Presenter: Anita Rani Reporter: Carolyn Atkinson Producer: Lucinda Montefiore

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