Mississippi abortion law at the Supreme Court; Poet Kim Moore; England women's football win


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The US Supreme Court is set to hear a case on a Mississippi abortion law, which would ban abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy. It was signed in 2018 by the state's then Republican Governor, Phil Bryant. But it was blocked by several lower courts, so didn't come into effect. Now, Mississippi is asking the Supreme Court to rule in favour of their law and overturn the landmark case of Roe v Wade, which legalised abortion nationwide. Our reporter Melanie Abbott spoke to Jenny Ma, Senior Staff Attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights, which represents the last abortion clinic in Mississippi and Amanda Taub, a reporter for the New York Times, joins Chloe live. Many of us have probably scribbled a poem to past lovers, but imagine writing a whole book dedicated to them. The poet Kim Moore has done just that with her new collection All the Men I Never Married. She joins Chloe to talk about the impact of those different relationships and the contradictions and complexities of desire. Last Saturday while talking to football fans outside the Castellani stadium in Empoli after a Serie A match, Greta Beccaglia, an Italian journalist with Toscana TV, was assaulted live on air. A fan appeared to spit in his hand before slapping the journalist on her bottom. Beccaglia has since filed charges after police managed to identify the man. Investigative journalist, Alessia Cerantola joins Chloe Tilley to explain why this story has caused such a stir in Italy. Last night in their World Cup 2023 qualifier the Lionesses - England Women's football team - beat their opponents Latvia 20-0. Whilst a great win, and one that saw Manchester City's Ellen White become the top scorer ever for England, what does that score line actually tell us about the structure of the women's game - are such results a failing of trying to mimic the way men's football is organised and does it need overhauling? Chloe speaks to BBC Women's Sport reporter Jo Currie.

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