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Yesterday Sikh Women’s Aid launched a report into domestic abuse and child sexual abuse within the Sikh community. Conducted via anonymous surveys sent out over the summer, the survey of nearly 700 respondents showed that 70% had experienced domestic violence and 35% had experienced child sexual abuse or exploitation. To tell us more about this report and what can be done to help the issue, we're joined by the co-founder of Sikh Women's Aid and co-author of the report, Sahdaish Pall. Writer and historian Sheila Rowbotham helped start the Women's Liberation Movement in Britain. She organised and spoke at its first conference at Ruskin College, Oxford, she went on to encourage night cleaners to unionize and she wrote many ground breaking boojavascript:void(0)ks, including Women, Resistance and Revolution, Woman's Consciousness, Man's World and Hidden from History. This all happened in the 1970s and Sheila writes about it in her second and latest memoir, 'Daring to Hope: My life in the 1970s'. She joins Emma to discuss the many momentous feminist events of that decade. We used to have YOLO, then FOMO, now we have HOGO. Post lockdown, the fear of missing out no longer plagues us. We have become too comfortable sitting on our sofas watching TV. The effort of putting good clothes on and leaving the house is too much. This hassle of going out (HOGO) has been blamed by the hospitality industry for an increase in the number of no-shows at restaurants and paid-for live events. We talk to psychotherapist and author of Happy Relationships: At Home, Work and Play, Lucy Beresford and actor Sadie Clark whose play, Algorithms, is on at Soho Theatre in December. Motherhood and elite sport has felt like a taboo topic for many athletes in the past. Now official pregnancy guidance for Olympic and Paralympic athletes and sport governing bodies has been introduced for the first time by UK Sport. To discuss why this has been introduced now and how it will impact elite sportswomen, Emma is joined by five-time Olympic archer Naomi Folkard who contributed to UK Sport’s consultation for the guidance and The Telegraph’s Women’s Sport reporter Molly McElwee. The judgment on the SEISS discrimination verdict appeal is expected today at 10.30am. It follows a claim by the campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed of indirect discrimination due to the way the Self Employed Income Support Scheme was calculated. Introduced in spring 2020 to give financial help to self-employed workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the group argued SEISS was unlawful because it disproportionately affected women who had not worked because of their pregnancy and childbirth. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Sahdaish Pall Interviewed Guest: Sheila Rowbotham Interviewed Guest: Stella Creasy Interviewed Guest: Lucy Beresford Interviewed Guest: Sadie Clark Interviewed Guest: Naomi Folkard Interviewed Guest: Molly McElwee Interviewed Guest: Jolie Brearley Photographer: Sally Fraser

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