Singing Nuns, the US elections and women, the politicisation of Mumsnet? and what makes a good jobshare?


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Jane Garvey talks to Sisters Leo & Aelread from The Poor Clares of Arundel who've just released an album of traditional plainchant with added beats. What can we learn from them about living life in these times? It's a couple of weeks now til the Presidential elections in the States and to discuss what it will mean for women we talk to Melissa Milewski, a lecturer in American History at the University of Sussex and Dr Michell Chresfield Lecturer in United States History, at the University of Birmingham. Has Mumsnet the popular website for parents which has spawned thousands of discussion threads become too politicised? Sarah Pedersen, Professor of Communication and Media at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, talks about her new book on the subject and what makes a good job-share work? Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Lisa Jenkinson Studio Manager: Tim Heffer Photograph: Chris O'Donovan

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