The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick


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The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, talks to Jenni about working with women in the community to help combat violent crime. She wants both the victims of things like domestic abuse and knife crime and those around them have the confidence to speak out about what’s happening in their area. She’s been working closely with mothers who’ve lost children to violence and is exploring how the Force can work with them to help protect our young people from being drawn in to, or becoming victims of violent crime. Stephanie Walker was 14 when she became pregnant. She was so impressed with how her midwife looked after her that she decided to go into the profession herself. Fourteen years on from the birth of her first child, Stephanie has just become fully qualified to deliver babies herself. She joins Jenni. Lady Barbara Judge, whose death was announced today, was on the Woman’s Hour Power list in 2013. She was described as one of the best connected women in the country – a real pioneer for women in the law, banking and business. Her roles included Chairman of the Pension Protection Fund, Chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, and UK Business Ambassador. She spoke to Jane about her influences and career. The history of women being empowered by the death of their husband is explored in the book Widows - Poverty, Power and Politics. The author and historian, Maggie Andrews, explains how many widows used their newfound autonomy and financial independence to improve women’s lives for the better. Producer: Louise Corley Editor: Karen Dalziel

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