How to Get Rid of INSECURITIES, Heal from a Toxic Partner, and Be CONFIDENT in Your Relationship | Emily Morse


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A study referenced by the National Organization for Women, states that 53% of 13 year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies. By the age of 17 the percentage of girls unhappy with their body increases to 78%! This isn’t a fad that ends when you reach womanhood, at least it doesn't seem to be the case for 60% of women surveyed in the U.K. How you feel about your body affects your confidence when you're dating and when you become more sexually active.
“Hands down, men and women say confidence is the sexiest trait in and out of the bedroom” Dr. Emily
So if you’re not feeling confident with your body image what are you supposed to do? Dr. Emily Morse returns to Women of Impact to give a lesson on confidence and some practical tips you can try right away! Being confident about your flaws and the parts of your body that you feel most insecure about is critical.
3 Ways To Boost Your Sexual Confidence (In and Out Of the Bedroom):
1. Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror
2. Look at yourself in the mirror in the nude and admire yourself.
3. Sign up for a pole dancing class or sensual dancing
Self Confidence | Dr. Emily on the importance of taking time to learn about yourself first [0:58]
Body Confidence | Why getting to a place of body acceptance is important to feel sexual [4:59]
Insecure Flaws | Acknowledging your physical flaws isn’t attractive or the right move [10:40]
The Journey | How confidence is a practice, and a tool you use to get what you want [14:42]
Aging Body | Celebrate your changing body and know that you deserve sexual pleasure [18:12]
Reprogram | Dr. Emily gives practical ways to surround yourself with realistic images [22:15]
Dating Confidence | How to show the real you when dating and not be confidently fake [26:39]
Body Counts | Dr. Emily warns you to never discuss how many people you slept with [31:24]
Good For You? | Why you should stop performing to please your partner and speak up [35:07]
Sex Positivity | Becoming sex positive and sex confident with no judgement [43:07]
“We're not going to pick always the best partners, if we're just coming from desperation, or coming from a place of lack, or coming from a place of a deep insecurity that this person is going to complete me.” [1:51]
“A lot of women, too, are also focused on the external part of sex, which is how they look, and we're in our heads the whole time. But when we're in our heads, worrying about sex the whole time, the blood is washing away from our journals, and it's going to our head.” [13:15]
“I am my own worst critic, we are our own worst enemies. If we can also remember that, it's just really important to take a step back. Your thoughts are not the truth, and your thoughts are actually something that is keeping you from living the life that you want and finding the partners you want.” [21:47]
“You're choosing somebody whose difficulties you can work with, who's challenges you can work with.” [30:59]
“Never have this conversation, the body count conversation, or it used to be how many people you slept with [...] you should never have this conversation because we are setting ourselves up for failure.” [32:03]
“Find the partners that are invested in pleasure that have a growth mindset around sex, and pleasure..” [39:31]
“Before we go inward and start to beat ourselves up, just have a conversation, have a healthy conversation and remember to be open, and to be curious, and to be non judgmental, and to be an active listener.” [42:50]
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