If He’s THREATENED By Your Independence, Watch This | Tom Bilyeu on Women of Impact


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It seems like everywhere you look, society is constantly reminding us that successful, powerful women are failing at dating. In a survey that was listed this year on mantelligence.com states 64% of women prefer to find a husband who earns more money! So, are successful women raising the bar too high, expecting too much and are men feeling the pressure of having to step up their game and their status way higher than before? Being strong, independent and successful doesn’t necessarily come with an ego or attitude for women. So what is the best way for you to approach dating when you have your shit together and don’t want to be single?
Tom joins Lisa in this discussion and explores why at the root of this situation is a much needed conversation and a good working insecurity filter. It is important for women to understand that while there may be men that are intimidated by your success, there are also men that are confused by the mix of messages they are receiving from women. While one woman expects a man to pay for dinner another is easily offended. Have conversations while navigating the dating scene and meet people with compassion for where they are.
Survey mentioned: https://www.mantelligence.com/dating-statistics/
Facing Reality | Women being successful shrinks the dating pool, men want to lead [0:26]
Is It Insecurity? | Being intimidated is not insecurity, it can be what you want to be better at [3:55]
50/50 | Making a safe assumption half of men are insecure the other half aren’t into it [12:40]
Filter Insecurity | Why it’s not worth dating someone insecure and intimidated by you [14:58]
Attraction | Being attracted to what matters and enjoying what you’re better at matters [21:17]
Confusion Dating | Awareness that some women catch offence to a guy paying or not [24:36]
Feel Good | Understand both of you have something you are good at than the other [29:46]
“Deal with the world the way it is not the way that you wish it were.” Tom Bilyeu [0:55]
“Feel good is an angle that people need to look at, instead of just writing everything off as insecurity.” Tom Bilyeu [9:04]
“With utter compassion, you clearly have insecurities that you need to work through, or find someone that isn't actually successful or wealthy as me, and that's totally fine.” Lisa Bilyeu [15:27]
“Have compassion for the people that have the insecurities” Lisa Bilyeu [16:40]
“Guys are judged by their height and access to resources, it's the fucking way that it is. Women are judged for beauty and youth, it's the way that it is.” [17:46]
“It's the differential. It's being good at something that you're not good at. It's you being good at something I'm not good at. That's what people like.” [24:26]
“While us women find ourselves in a situation where it's difficult because we want to be our own person, we want to be independent, we want to be around wealth creators, and yet, we still want this.” Lisa Bilyeu [26:32]
“People should very much avoid for their own reasons, avoid moralizing, or saying this is how people should be and help people move to where it is mutually better.” Tom Bilyeu [28:00]

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