Secret Service Agent Shares Psychological TRICKS to Influence People and Get What You WANT


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When you hear about influence, maybe you think of influential people or you immediately think of social media influencers. Have you considered, however, your own influence? To varying degrees we all have some level of influence over someone or something. You probably have more influence than you take credit for and acknowledge. So, how are you using your influential power and do you know when and how to activate it and get the most out of it?
Evy Poumpouras, a former secret service agent, is sharing her own strategies of influence so that you can find creative ways to connect with people and stop getting steamrolled over. Having influence and knowing how to activate that influence is another ingredient for becoming unstoppable. In the first episode of this series, we talked about confidence, in the next episode Evy and Lisa took a deep dive into the skills you need to start using your voice. In this episode it’s time to add another layer and look at how to effectively off balance people’s perception of you and better adjust and navigate to the people and situations all around.
You can use these strategies to get people to say yes, stay in the forefront of their mind, and connect in a more authentic way.
Influential Terms:
Priming: exposure to one stimulus influences how a person responds
Reciprocity: exchange of something between two or more people where something is given
Stereotype: widely held and oversimplified idea of a particular type of person or thing
Common Ground: opinions or interests shared by two or more people
If you didn’t catch it the 1st time:
1st Episode of Unstoppable, Be Confident As Hell:
2nd Episode of Unstoppable, Use Your Voice:
Priming | Tips for priming people you need to influence [0:57]
Pink Is Life | How to influence Evy into wearing pink on set [12:32]
Do Something for Them | Evy explains the idea of reciprocity [14:35]
Branding | The way you see yourself vs. the way others see you [24:08]
Swag Bag | Lisa reveals what’s inside Women Of Impact’s Swag Bag [31:27]
Common Ground | How to find common ground or create it [33:28]
Influence in Action | Evy shows how all these strategies work [48:32]
“This is not about manipulating people, this is about setting you up so that you understand people, understand behavior and put them in a space where they feel comfortable and feel connected to you.” Evy Poumpouras [6:34]
“As long as you’re not manipulating or as long as You just don’t want this stuff to come off as disingenuous when you use influence techniques” Evy Poumpouras [41:35]
“We are resistant to things we don’t understand, we are negative towards things we don’t know, and we really want to break down those barriers and find the threads that connect us.” Evy Poumpouras [46:25]
“If you can just simplify people and find ways to connect and find that human element [...] how can I make you feel good about being with me and because I do that now I’ve influenced you to want to have a relationship with me.” Evy Poumpouras [48:12]

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