#1272 Music by Kiyomi Hawley, Melissa D, Anne Stott, Lynne Taylor, Kat Felicis Ioco, DARIA, Tara Novak, Janet Tenaj Anderson, Patricia Wheeler, eye.elle. & Thayna Marks, Laura Lisa Ripoll-Dennison feat. Josiah


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Celebrating Difference & Speaking Out Against Prejudice

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This show includes the following songs:

Kiyomi Hawley - Meet You There FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Melissa D - Justice FOLLOW ON BANDCAMP

Anne Stott - Hey America FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lynne Taylor - Ghosts of Antietam FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kat Felicis Ioco - Monster FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY


Tara Novak - Laconia FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Janet Tenaj Anderson - These Are The Times We're In FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE

Patricia Wheeler - Enough

eye.elle. & Thayna Marks - I Still Fight FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laura Lisa Ripoll-Dennison feat. Josiah - Walking Out

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