#1290 Music by Autumn Sky, Zelda Nera Hutzenbeler & The Sacred Desire, Suzanne Serelle, Alisha Liston, Kat Felicis Ioco, Randie O'Neil, Estella Dawn McGee, Bridget Wolf, Mila Levine, Lady Alderney


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Confidence, Self Love & Power Over Haters

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This show includes the following songs:

Autumn Sky - Everybody's Got a Story FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Zelda Nera Hutzenbeler & The Sacred Desire - Be Yourself FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Suzanne Serelle - Faith FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Alisha Liston - Beautiful Soldier FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kat Felicis Ioco - Sticks and Stones FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Randie O'Neil - I'm Not That Girl FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Estella Dawn McGee - Trolls FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bridget Wolf - Healing Time FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mila Levine - Down FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE

Lady Alderney - Kinder Eyes FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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