100% Jodi: The Inconvenience of Happiness


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Do you prefer convenience or happiness?

You may be thinking, “Both!” But the reality is our long-term happiness and satisfaction usually requires a long series of inconveniences. In this episode I’m making a case for why you actually want to be inconvenienced a lot more.

Hello, I’m Jodi Flynn and welcome to the Women Taking the Lead podcast. I’m an executive leadership coach, author, speaker, workshop facilitator and I have the joy to work with women leaders who want to hone the skills that will allow them to thrive in Senior Leadership. I know I’ve met a woman I would love to work with when we start having a few laughs about our tendencies toward perfectionism and people pleasing.

I had been living in Maine for the past 18 years, but I am currently in Massachusetts staying with family while I prepare to make my final move to Virginia. Thanks to the beauty of technology, I’ve been able to continue to work with women all over the world even in the midst of so much movement and transition.

I do individual coaching as well as workshops and team retreats, and I am the current President of the board for The Maine Women's Conference.

I spend the free time I have catching up with friends and family, coordinating my move to Virginia, and finding calm by watching the Great British Baking Show.

Applied knowledge is power

If you spend any time with teenagers and young adults you’ve probably witnessed many occasions where they choose the short-term pleasure or convenience over the long-term gain.

Currently living in a home with a 9-year-old, 13-year-old, and 19-year-old, I am treated to many conversations and behaviors around this very topic. I’ve also had a very direct conversation with my 21-year-old nephew about this.

We’re always faced with things, great and small, that we’d rather not have to do. But if we want to reach our goals and find satisfaction and fulfillment – the things that truly make us happy – we have to make some sacrifices.

You might be thinking, “Jodi, why are you taking a podcast episode to talk about this? I already know this.”

I absolutely know that you know this. What I would ask you is, how closely are you living this?

When working with my clients we make the distinction between what we know and what we believe.

Sometimes we hear an idea or theory and think, “That sounds about right. That makes sense to me.”

And if there is some science to back it up, we then consider ourselves to “know it.”

There’s the saying, knowledge is power, but that’s not exactly true.

Knowledge is potential power. Applied knowledge is power.

If you are making the sacrifices necessary to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, great!

If not, use this episode as a gentle reminder. Though we may “know” something it’s often helpful to have reminders to live what we know.

In this episode are some examples of the short-term sacrifices or inconveniences I invite you to make so you can live a life that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.

I'm also sharing suggestion for how to make it easier to make those sacrifices.

I hope this is of value to you and here’s to your success!

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