Edition 54: US Presidential Elections


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We've got a packed program for you this October 2020 as we head into elections season! First up, hear Jenna DiQuarto deliver WLRN's greeting before hearing the world news written and delivered by WLRN's Emiliann Lorenzen. Emiliann also offers listeners a rundown on all of the presidential tickets this year, including the Green Party's and the Libertarians' to get you informed about your choices. Next, hear the song Redemption Day by Sheryl Crow before Thistle's interview with professor Cynthia Enloe of Clark University. Ms. Enloe is a feminist writer, theorist, and professor. She is best known for her work on gender and militarism and for her contributions to the field of feminist international relations. Then, be treated to Thistle's original song, Sticky Red Egg, about an adventure she took back in 2004 marching from the Democratic National Convention in Boston to the Republican National Convention in NYC to protest the two party system and promote grassroots democracy as a solution. After Thistle's song, you'll hear an interview with Denice Traina, Georgia Green Party Treasurer and former Co-Chair, who speaks with us about third party politics and what the Green party is up to this year. To round off the show, hear Sekhmet SheOwl's powerful commentary on the state of US politics and voting. She really socks it to the man in this one so stay tuned for it! Thanks for listening. Please like, comment and share widely. We are 100% volunteer powered grassroots radio and we depend on our listeners to distribute our work. If you'd like to donate to support the cause of feminist grassroots radio, you can click on the donate button here https://wlrnmedia.wordpress.com/ and choose a gift in exchange for your donation under the merch tab.

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