Edition 60: Women Picket DC Digest


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In this herstoric podcast you will hear Jenna DiQuarto's new WLRN theme music right before Sekhmet SheOwl delivers the greeting and then hands off the baton to Emiliann Lorenzen with WLRN's world news segment. Next, enjoy 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin before hearing a musical collage of women's voices Thistle captured at the 'TERF' hotel while staying in DC for the Women Picket DC event on March 8th, International Women's Day. Thanks to Jennifer, Kat, Annie, Lindsay Platoshyn, Isabella Malbin, Charlie Rae, Heather Scalzi and, Jennifer Thomas for speaking to WLRN at the hotel. After that, stay tuned for Jenna DiQuarto's presentation of the speakers and excerpts of their speeches at the event. Kara Dansky, Stephanie Gifford, Suzanne Vierling, and Courtney Catearth Piper all gave a formal address to the crowd gathered in front of the Washington Monument and to the world. Finally, hear Thistle's commentary reflecting on the event and featuring the Adult Human Female chant by Lara Polangco Potter. Thistle paints a colorful picture of the women who gathered on March 8th to close out the show. Thanks for listening to WLRN, YOUR community-powered radio station in the Femisphere. WLRN is celebrating five years in your ears next month! Stay tuned for our brand new website designed by Anonymous featuring WLRN five year anniversary merch designed by Natasha Petrov and KC Walker. We are proud to be part of and to serve the radical and lesbian feminist community. Be in touch by emailing wlrnewscontact@gmail.com. Photo of Joy Hope taken by Linday Platoshyn.

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