Venice Allan's Account of Speakers' Corner Confrontation with BTLM


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Venice Allan is a mother, jewelry maker and women's rights campaigner with the UK based organization Standing for Women. She spoke with Thistle about the August 30th confrontation between Black Lives Matter protesters and women at Speakers' Corner who had been speaking out about transgender ideology and gender self-id politics. The two groups were made up of primarily women who spoke passionately and expressively with one another in what appeared to be rather negative and nasty encounters from the vantage point of those watching the videos online. But as you will hear in Ms. Allan's account, the tradition at Speakers' Corner is to have heated and lively discussions in a place "like none other I've ever been in" that allows for open, public debate. For Venice, this indeed happened on August 30th, and despite the aftermath and backlash the confrontation has received since then, she is optimistic about how the confrontation impacted both sides in overall positive ways. Thanks for tuning in to feminist community powered radio, WLRN. Please listen, like and share widely as we rely on our listeners to distribute our work.

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