09: Robin Altman


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This month Tara sat down with Robin Altman, B. Comm, PCC, Executive Coach and Senior Faculty of Professional Coaching

Robin is a Toronto-based professional certified coach, speaker and facilitator, having worked with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and creative professionals since 2008.

After 20 years as a creative trailblazer in the media and entertainment industry, Robin threw all caution to the wind and went back to school to become a certified, professional coach. She launched her company, Radiate Coaching, in the fall of 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

Check out Robin's Free Webinar to learn three important insights about your inner critic to get you unstuck and moving toward your goal. You'll learn why NOT to believe the negative voice in your head - and what to do instead.
To learn more about Robin's Webinar head to her website here: https://radiatepassionandpurpose.lpages.co/ic-webinar-oct-2020/
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