Ana Tajder is a WIP: from Marketing Manager to Author, Journalist & Podcast Host


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Ana's Career Change
Marketing to Author, Journalist, and Podcast Host
About Her
Ana used to work in marketing until she experienced burn out from her job and HAD TO quit for the sake of her health. She grew up in an artistic family but wanted a more "stable" career so she always looked elsewhere when it comes to career options. It wasn't until she embraced her artistic side that she realized she was meant to do this and, in her own words, "doors opened everywhere" when she started writing.

Episode Timestamps
01:17 Introducing Ana
31:01 Son walks in during the interview
31:33 On experiencing self-doubt
32:50 How does Ana organize her thoughts into a book
36:16 Awards won by “Thank You Mama” podcast
37:14 How does Ana find guests for her podcast
38:06 On having guests from all over the world
39:10 Lessons Ana learned from her mama
45:22 How does Ana manage her work and time
50:04 Ana’s advice on creative writing
52:44 Ana’s social links
53:46 Closing words
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