Tega Edwin is a WIP: From Health Researcher to Professor & Career Coach


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Tega's Career Change
From health researcher to professor and career coach, Tega helps women who are unhappy at work get clear about who they are so they can find a fulfilling career.

Episode Timestamps
01:12 Introducing Tega
03:26 What prompted Tega’s shift
05:45 When did Tega realise her previous job was unfulfilling
06:53 How long did it take for her to realise
07:18 Steps taken after coming to that conclusion
09:08 Was introspection helpful in making a decision
10:31 Is her counselling job for a specific age group
11:10 What came next after becoming a school councillor
18:54 Did Tega originally think counselling could sustain her financially
22:49 Have Tega’s clients ever found a more fitting job than what she proposed to them
24:18 Day to day activities as a professor and consultant
28:38 Finding her first client
31:02 Breaking down Tega’s consulting process
36:30 Consultation’s time-frame
38:15 THE FUN PART: Consulting Angela
51:24 THE FUN PART: Consulting Dana
1:08:38 Regrets/Things Tega wished she knew earlier
1:10:38 What can a client do if there’s interest in one of Tega’s services?
1:12:34 Tega’s social links
1:13:09 Closing words
About Tega
Tega Edwin is a career counselor and coach who helps women who are unhappy at work get clear about who they are so they can find a fulfilling career and job search with confidence. Before starting her company – Her Career Doctor – she worked as a career counselor for one of the largest career services centers in the nation. In addition to her work as a career counselor, Tega currently uses her Ph.D. in Counselor Education as a professor to train future counselors in a large research university. Tega is a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor, and a certified salary negotiation facilitator.
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