Tatiana Marie is a WIP: from Computer Science Student to Artist


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Tatiana's Career Change
Computer Science to Art
What is something that surprised you about your career change?
"I'm surprised to actually be doing something creative. I never thought being an artist, much less selling apparel would ever be feasible. It's a lot simpler than I imagined it to be."

Episode Timestamps
01:00 Introducing Tatiana
03:44 Amazon FBA explanation
04:41 Costs relating to Amazon FBA
05:50 Amazon FBA vs Etsy
08:45 Discussing how owning a store is so different from what Tatiana studied
12:05 Time spent figuring out career switching
18:51 How did Tatiana’s CS degree help her with her current endeavours
20:59 Graduating/Starting a business mid-pandemic
24:42 Current state of business / Venturing into coaching
28:33 Friends and family’s attitude towards Tatiana’s focus shift
32:12 How can an artistically illiterate person start his own print shop
34:14 Highs and lows of Tatiana’s career transition
39:53 Next steps
42:20 Time spent managing an online shop
45:53 Tatiana’s social links
46:30 Closing words
Blog post is here
Where to find Tatiana Website, Instagram (personal), Instagram (store)


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