Episode 113: High 6 on a Tritronics with Trent McDonald and Byron Beplay⁣


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McDonald and Beplay talk about their deployments as US Army Rangers, various stories, and lessons learned during the Global War on Terror. Beplay recounts the first time he saw a MPC work on target. McDonald recounts several stories about MWD Benno, who McDonald lost on his 27th birthday on a mission in Afghanistan, and MWD Lakya, who, on her first mission was shot, causing her to lose her leg (and later was honored for her service and featured on the cover of National Geographic). The guys cover getting out of the military, and getting back in to dogs full time. Beplay, one of the first PTSD service dog recipients, chats about Rescue 22 Foundation, the growth and importance of the 501, and paying it forward at Coastline K9-Emerald Coast. ⁣

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