322 – Jeff Fabb: Drumming for Black Label Society, Employable Skills Beyond Your Playing, Overcoming Physical Barriers


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Originally from a small town in Long Island, New York, Jeff Fabb made the move to Los Angeles shortly after high school at the age of 18. Jeff moved to L.A. looking for more opportunities in music and that’s just what he found. The journey was slow, answering classified ads—everyone that placed ads said they were going to be the next big thing, but he just wanted to get out there and play. After a few years playing the L.A. club scene, Jeff came into contact with members of female-fronted metal/rock band – In This Moment, including guitarist Chris Howorth and former Five Finger Death Punch bassist Matt Snell, who had a project together. Around the end of 2011 and three records later, Jeff decided to move on from ITM.

Other bands and artists he found himself working with include James Durban (American Idol), Sixx:A.M. (with Nikki Sixx) and Filter. Jeff is currently the drummer for Black Label Society.

In this episode, Jeff talks about:

* Overcoming physical issues* Questions by Nashville drummer Danny Douchette covering range of topics* Moving to L.A. at 18 and the things he learned* The events that lead to his gig with Black Label Society * Employable skills beyond your playing

Jeff endorses Drums, Meinl, Vic Firth and Evans

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