How is talent migration affecting India’s workforce?


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Resignations in many countries have gathered pace and made headlines around the world. More than 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in the US in August alone. The pandemic has been a key reason why many in India have also decided to reconsider their choice of career. According to studies, nearly 68% of people in India want to switch their industries, and more than 50% of workers want to try something in which they have little to no experience. But how easy or difficult is it to make the switch to an entirely new skillset? What is driving this migration of talent across sectors? In this edition of WorklifeIndia, we discuss how talent migration is affecting India’s job market and the workforce. Presenter: Devina Gupta Contributors: Tushar Verma, travel influencer and co-founder, Untouched Lands; Akshita Wadhwana, founder and director, The Empty Crate Company; Rajneesh Singh, managing partner, SimplyHR Solutions

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