EU artificial intelligence rules will ban 'unacceptable' use


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Some "unacceptable" uses of artificial intelligence will be banned under new EU rules. Melissa Heikkila is the artificial intelligence correspondent for the Politico website, and talks us through the European Commission's proposals. And we get reaction from Ulf Persson, chief executive of digital intelligence company ABBYY. Also in the programme, India is experiencing a very rapid rise in coronavirus infections, in a second wave of the disease. The BBC's Rahul Tandon explores the causes and implications, and asks whether the country's economy can afford more lockdowns. Plus, the former Children's Commissioner in England, Anne Longfield, is suing the video sharing social network TikTok, alleging the app takes children's personal information, without sufficient warning or consent required by law. Ms Longfield tells us why she's bringing the case, and we get a response from the company.

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