The Vibrant Heartbeat Of India - Paul D. Lowe & Keshav Tibrewal


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Paul is joined by Keshav Tibrewal to talk about Indian culture, from the music to the colour, the cuisine and the mysticism in the culture. Paul especially wants to dig down into the reality of Indian culture, as his idea of it may be distorted through a European lens. Keshav treats us to a rendition of a traditional Indian song and Paul agrees to sing an Ed Sheeran song with Keshav when he next visits India.


  • There are many 1000s of languages spoken in India, many different types of food, many beautiful beaches, mountains and temples.
  • After the British ruled India, India became very very poor because the British took everything away from us, including the most costly diamond in the world – the Koh-i-Nur. Now India is developing and now has a rocket programme and is contributing a lot to science. But, there are still slums where people have their own language, but more and more people are becoming educated and moving into cities.
  • Music tastes depends on the person. Some people like romantic or meditative music, people in the west like more pop and dance music, some like sweet songs with only musical instruments. Music is also used to help us achieve our goals, if we’re feeling motivated we’ll listen to music with lyrics.
  • From childhood we are taught to respect out elders and say ‘namaste’ to them or touch their feet for their blessings. Then we pass that respect down to our children.


‘India is a totally different world inside the world.’

‘Our dress reflects our personalities to others.’

‘Traditionally Indian weddings last 4-5 days.’

‘In our country guests are treated as gods and they will take care of and respects you, and make you eat a lot!’




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