Deepening Your Relationship with God Through Daily Devotions w/ Craig Denison


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Worship leaders are called to be worshippers first, leaders second. But sadly many of us have it backward. We perform the duty of being a worship leader, without learning to first be a worshipper. Honestly, how is your personal devotional life with the Lord? How are your private times of worship? Do you have a hard time communing with God when it’s just you and Him? Are you leading from empty?

We need to cultivate rich, private devotional lives in order to thrive in our public calling. “Apart from Jesus we can do nothing, but by abiding in Him we will bear much fruit.” In this month’s episode, I talk with Craig Denison from First15 about how we can learn to have richer, more vibrant times of personal worship. Enjoy, and share with someone who needs to hear this!

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