Clash of the Champions 1: Part 1


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This joint two-part episode of Wrestlespective and Where The Big Boys Play looks at the first Clash of the Champions. Jason Mann and Parv talk about the Varsity Club, the WWF Wrestlefest arcade game, "Leave It to Beaver," why the Warlord is better in 2012 than 1988, NWA-style booking of babyfaces vs. WWF-style booking, the relative merits of the fan-fake Sting and fan-fake Hogan, the life and times of the 1988 "Pet of the Year" Patty Mullen, discussion of the decision-making skills of the NWA Board of Directors, and whether Sting vs. Flair is as great as it is cracked up to be. #WWE #WCW #wrestling #prowrestling #rasslin

Original airdate: 12/5/12

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