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The Wu Wei Wisdom Podcast is a weekly conversation about life challenges and life lessons, emotional and spiritual health issues, and tools to help you live in effortless flow - ‘wu wei’.

The ancient Taoist principle of wu wei is little understood in the West, and we believe it’s the secret to health and happiness in modern life!

Your hosts are husband and wife team, David James Lees, an ordained Taoist monk, emotional and spiritual health teacher and therapist, and Alexandra Lees, a wellbeing coach and feng shui consultant.

If you are suffering from emotional pain, stress or depression; struggling with self-criticism or self-doubt; seeking a more satisfying life balance, relationships or career; or searching for a deeper sense of meaning and fulfilment in your life - you are not alone.

We want you to help you understand YOU better, put you back in control of your mind, body and emotions, and inspire you to reconnect with your true self and true purpose.

Each episode blends spiritual and philosophical ideas and insight with our real-life professional therapy experience supporting clients all over the world.

Listen to new episodes every Saturday, plus episodes from our teaching archive every Wednesday.

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