X is for Podcast: An Uncanny X-Men Experience explicit


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Join Nico, Jonah, Kyle, Matty -- along with the Quiet Council members Evelyn, Taryn, Rod, Josh, Nathan, Arturo, and more -- as they wade through the waters of Marvel’s Merry Mutants, having started with Giant-Size X-Men #1 -- the team finds itself in the WORLD OF KRAKOA in the pages of the DAWN OF X! Anchored by Uncanny X-Men, read along as the team reads Uncanny X-Men, along with spin-offs and solo titles, and watch as the interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe in crossovers (we wish we could skip ’em, too). The crew features queer, POC, nerds with disabilities, and more, providing listeners with diversity and inclusivity -- plus, giveaways, guests, live streams and more -- hope you survive the experience!

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