MUTANTS, MAGIC, & MARVELS 005 -- Excalibur #22, Demon Days: Mariko, & America Chavez: Made In The USA #4!


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The face of the Marvel Universe is shifting -- and so is XI4P! The X-Pack take on more mutants, more magic, and more Marvels all summer long as the team grows featuring familiar hosts, classic voices, and new recruits, and this episode checks all the boxes. First up, the team examines the most recent issue of Excalibur and all of the ways Betsy has never seemed better with Tini Howard at the helm, reshaping Betsy into a stronger, more complete character. Then, join as the X-Pack ventures into magic with a look at the most recent issue of Demon Days by Peach Momoko, Demon Days: Mariko, as her take on the Marvel Universe grows at 44:00! Finally, at 1:34:00, close out the episode with a loud, loving, and very Latinx look at America Chavez and the most recent issue of her landmark new solo series!

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