MUTANTS, MAGIC, & MARVELS 019 -- Wolverine 15, Marvel Voices Identity, and Guardians Of The Galaxy 17!


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The face of the Marvel Universe is shifting -- and so is XI4P! The X-Pack take on more mutants, more magic, and more Marvels all summer long as the team grows featuring familiar hosts, classic voices, and new recruits, and this episode checks all the boxes. First up, the team looks at not just Wolverine, but the magic of the creative team on Wolverine 15 -- including Nico’s desire to see Cyclops fight Solem for Logan’s love -- before, at 0:51:40, turning their attention to the newest Marvel Voices special as the X-Pack as they look at the amazing AAPI-centered one-shot and the emotional responses it brings out in the contributors. Then, close out the episode at 1:39:10 with Rod and Chango as the pair look at the most recent issue of Guardians of the Galaxy as part of their continuing coverage of Last Annihilation -- all this and more on a new XI4P: MMM!

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