MUTANTS, MAGIC, & MARVELS 020 -- Ariana Maher In Conversation With Tori Sheehan, What Is vs What If, & The Legend Of Shang-Chi!


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The face of the Marvel Universe is shifting -- and so is XI4P! Featuring the debut of a new segment, this special episode of X Is For Podcast celebrates the changing face of comics! First up, modern master of Marvel’s lettering Ariana Maher (spending Letterer Appreciation Day with us!) returns to the show, this time for a series first, where in conversation with Tori Sheehan, she breaks down the art of her craft and how lettering is a core element of storytelling at Marvel, with a focus on the newly released Demon Days: Cursed Web! Then, Nico, Nathan, & Jonah continue their Shang-Chi celebration with two special stories from 2021 -- The Legend of Shang-Chi & What Is Vs What If from Marvel Voices Identity -- all this and more on a new XI4P: MMM!

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