MUTANTS, MAGIC, & MARVELS 028 -- X-Corp 5, Death Of Doctor Strange 1, & Guardians of the Galaxy 18!


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The X-Pack are back at it with a celebration of beginnings and endings in an all new Mutants, Magic, & Marvels! First up, X-Corp comes to its business-as-usual conclusion in X-Corp 5 before at 32:45, turning things over to a different kind of beginning and ending as Doctor Strange dies in Death of Doctor Strange 1! Finally, at 1:14:30, the team says a lot of goodbyes -- to both the Last Annihilation and this run of Guardians of the Galaxy -- but also weaves the promise of new and exciting stories in Guardians of the Galaxy 18 -- all this and more on a new XI4P: MMM!

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