MUTANTS, MAGIC, & MARVELS 034 -- X-Force 24, Ka-zar: Lord Of The Savavge Land 2, Darkhold: Iron Man & Darkhold: Blade, & The Rutland Halloween Parade!


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The X-Pack are back at it with a celebration of beginnings and endings in an all new Mutants, Magic, & Marvels! First up, Nico talks about what was once refered to in a letters page as "an artificial nexus of realities" -- Rutland, Vermont??? -- for it's comic crossover legacy, that is. The team turns to the incredible newest issue of Ka-zar: Lord Of The Savage Land at 31:30 before ending issue cover with a double dose of Darkhold with Iron Man & Blade at 1:14:45! Lastly, Nico provides a semi-complete bibliography on tracking down those Rutland issues at 1:57:30 -- all this and more on a new XI4P: MMM!

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