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What's the episode of your favorite show in which EVERYTHING goes completely batcrap crazy?

For Stella Cheeks, it's the Star Trek TOS episode "The Naked Time" and for Erin Cline, it's the X-Files episode "Fight Club."

Swords, songs, sewers, and submissions! Grab an extra scoop of ice cream and watch out for broken glass as we give in to the total chaos of these episodes.


About the podcast:

Erin Cline and Stella Cheeks have been friends for over a decade but have never seen each other's favorite TV show. Seeking to rectify that grievous error (seriously, they used to live together), X-Treks was born! Each week the duo choose one episode from Star Trek: The Original Series and one episode from The X-Files that fits a previously chosen cinematic theme, watch them together, and share their feelings! Alongside producer Bobby Hoffman, they discuss their first impressions, how the episodes fit into the larger fan lore, and fascinating behind-the-scenes facts.


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