Pete Flint: CEO, Founder of Trulia and Partner at NFX


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Pete Flint was the CEO and co-founder of Trulia, a service that prioritizes homebuyers and sellers and not real estate agents. He grew Trulia to over 50 million users, culminating in an IPO and merger with Zillow for $3.5 billion. Today, Flint is a general partner at NFX, an entrepreneur-driven seed fun that’s supported some of the most notable names in Silicon Valley: Lyft, DoorDash, Patreon, as well as Flint’s own Trulia. In total, NfX has founded 10 companies with exits of $10B dollars. In this episode, Pete and Ashish discuss Pete’s journey building and scaling Trulia, the one trait successful entrepreneurs share, and Pete’s prediction about the future of remote work. Pete also shares how he builds teams, company culture, and his tips for cultivating working relationships through consistent feedback.


5:50: The original idea behind Trulia

8:01: How Pete built the first version of Trulia

10:10: The transition from experiment to full-fledged business

11:20: Pete outlines the major three chapters of Trulia

13:38: How Trulia survived The Recession

18:13: How to give feedback when team morale is low

19:46: Building the right company culture

23:20: The path from CEO to investor

26:50: Breaking down NFX

28:55: What remote work could look like in 2021

34:41: The magic of product/market fit

42:50: The Sprint

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