Emeritus Rex-Reflections and Insights from Rabbi Reuben Poupko-A forty year veteran of the Rabbinate-Episode 2- Shots fired from across the border : Our religious and political divisions can obscure what is at stake in the American election


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A brand new interview program that seeks to pick the brain of one of the most influential Rabbinic figures of North America.

Rabbi Reuben Joshua Poupko has been the Rabbi of Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation in Montreal for over 30 years.

Rabbi Poupko from his Canadian perch sketches cogently the debate in the Jewish community over supporting President Trump.

He explains why Orthodox Jews have a more cynical attitude to politics, and the reasons why Trump polls so strongly among them.

Poupko draws parallels and distinction between the support Canadian Jewry began to give to the Conservative Party, and how the George W, Bush period stirred Jews to the Republican party.

He enlightens Kivelevitz about the real politick that the Parti Québécois used not to alienate their Jewish constituents when they came into power.

Kivelevitz and Poupko reminisce over some of the important political figures in the United States over the last fifty years, with Poupko cogently describing why who the next American President is serves as the the hottest topic under discussion globally across all religious communities.

Rabbi Poupko predicts that many of the positive changes the Trump administration engendered in Israel policy will probably survive into the Biden-Harris era with the realization of the changes to the facts on the ground as they relate to Iran and the new peace accords with the U.A.E, and Bahrain.

Kivelevitz hopes that Biden will bring in top flight intellectual thinkers as Richard Nixon did whose surveying of the political landscape can be free of ugly bias.

Rabbi Poupko opines about Netanyahu's political chances in the coming months and how an incoming Democratic administration will struggle to maintain a positive bond with some one they see as a Republican foreign agent.

He also provides many interesting insider tidbits as to what might have caused the thawing of relationships with the Saudis.

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