On Principle-20 -Challenges in Jewish Education with Rabbi Reuben Joshua Poupko-From department store to boutique-how Shuls and Torah programming have changed


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Rabbi Reuben Joshua Poupko has been the Rabbi of Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation in Montreal for over 30 years.

He is a scion of a venerated Rabbinic family and the son of Rabbi Boruch Poupko, rabbi for over 60 years of Congregation Shaare Torah in Pittsburgh.

Rabbi Poupko's immense oratory skills have for decades allowed peoples of all faiths to understand Judaism and the Orthodox way of understanding the Torah.

He is arguably Canada's staunchest Rabbinic defender of Zionism and the modern State of Israel.

He has been a passionate advocate for streamlining systems that free jewish women from the bonds of Igun, that have historically prevented them from receiving a divorce and remarrying, lending his voice of authority to the film Untying the Bonds a documentary produced by the Coalition of Jewish Women for the Get .

Rabbi Poupko has garnered renown and respect from many non-Orthodox associations serving numerous times as the spiritual leader of the March of the Living, and is a co-chair of the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus.

Rabbi Poupko explains Quebec's unique Jewish Day school options and illustrates the complex impact that this has on synagogue attendance and involvement in Jewish studies outside the classroom.

Rabbi Kivelevitz and Poupko discuss the changes that have shaped the landscape of Shul participation,and the distinct educational demands congregants of the 21st century expect to be met.

The pair lament the dearth of humor and self deprecation in the zeitgeist of today,and advocate for greater exposure in adult education to conflicting ideas and honest portrayals of varied Hashkofos.

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