Standing in Two Worlds with Doctor Sam Juni -Episode 13 - Getting to Know the Professor-The Unique Vision of a Holocaust Youngest Child


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Departing a bit from the heavy somber material discussed over the last few episodes,Rabbi Kivelevitz asks Doctor Juni about issues he himself has dealt with and overcome.

Juni describes what it means to be the younger sibling of a gifted older brother and the psychological ramifications of that dynamic.

In an almost comedic vein. the Professor recounts his discovering of his color blindness, and details the negative effects that accompany this condition.

He theorizes how the absence of color nuance recognition can cause one to adopt perspectives in analysis and research that are strict and demanding,

and downplay appreciation of degrees of culinary satisfaction or grasping subtle distinctions in music.

Doctor Samuel Juni is one of the foremost research psychologists in the world today.

He has published groundbreaking original research in seventy different peer reviewed journals, and is cited continuously with respect by colleagues and experts in the field who have built on his theories and observations.

Samuel Juni studied in Yeshivas Chaim Berlin under Rav Yitzchack Hutner, and in Yeshiva University as a Talmid of Rav Joseph Dov Soloveitchick.

Professor Juni is a prominent member of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists, and has regularly presented addresses to captivated audiences.

Associated with NYU since 1979, Juni has served as Director of MA and PhD programs, all the while heading teams engaged in important research.

Professor Juni's scholarship on aberrant behavior across the cultural, ethnic, and religious spectrum is founded on psychometric methodology and based on a psycho-dynamic psychopathology perspective.

He is arguably the preeminent expert in Differential Diagnostics, with each of his myriad studies

entailing parallel efforts in theory construction and empirical data collection from normative and clinical populations.

Professor Juni created and directed NYU's Graduate Program in Tel Aviv titled Cross-Cultural Group Dynamics in Stressful Environments.

Based in Yerushalayim, he collaborates with Israeli academic and mental health specialists in the study of dissonant factors and tensions in the Arab-Israeli conflict and those within the Orthodox Jewish community, while exploring personality challenges of second-generation Holocaust survivors.

Below is a partial list of the journals

to which Professor Juni has contributed over 120 articles.

Many are available on line

Journal of Forensic Psychology

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma.

International Review of Victimology

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

International Forum of Psychoanalysis

Journal of Personality Assessment

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology


Psychology and Human Development

Journal of Sex Research

Journal of Psychology and Judaism

Contemporary Family Therapy

American Journal on Addictions

Journal of Criminal Psychology

Mental Health, Religion & Culture

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