Yesodei HaTorah Series 2 (pp 0208-0210) - VaYishlach


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A Navi Does Not Know Things That Are Not Reveled to Him by Hashem
-Ibn Ezra

The Severity of an Aveira is in Accordance With the Level of the Violator
-Ibn Ezra [03:48]

Hashem Assured Yisroel That They Would Not Be Completely Destroyed in Galus Edom
-Ramban [07:49]

A Malach Can Not Do More Than What He Was Given Permission
-Ramban [11:58]
-HaIkrim (2, 28) [13:17]

The Malach Succeeded in Hitting Yaakov Only When He Momentarily Stopped His Dveikos
-Sforno [24:17]

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