5 ways to Awaken the 💃Divine Feminine💃 with Yoga


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Divine Feminine We all have masculine 🕺 and feminine 💃 energy within us. In order to balance our masculine and feminine energy it is helpful to spend some time cultivating our divine feminine energy. It is no secret that most of our lives are spent in our masculine energy: focused on productivity, logic, actions and results. This is why I have recently spent a lot of time awakening the divine feminine energy in my own yoga practice and bringing those qualities into my teachings more and more. When we take the time to cultivate our divine feminine energy we bring the masculine and feminine energies into union and this gives our action and productivity inspiration. In this video I am going to share with you 5 qualities we can bring into our yoga practice to awaken the sacred feminine with yoga. The five qualities we can bring into our yoga practice to awaken the divine feminine are: #1 body wisdom #2 emotions #3 being/receiving #4 intuition #5 creativity In my 60 minute Yin Yoga to Cultivate Your Divine Feminine https://youtu.be/LVG5sICXBnM I will take you through these qualities in a yin yoga class in real time. In this video I will explain these qualities.

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